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Important: Our SSD VPS hosting only offers customized support to the users whose accounts have been suspended.

  • If its account is suspended, it enters the Control Panel and makes click where it says “to accounts suspended” in the menu superior.
  • If its account is not suspended can look for aid in some of the articles that connect in this page.

Frequent and tutorial questions:




  • How to create an account FTP?
  • How to form FileZilla?
  • Introduciión to the case out-manager
  • How to realise backup of my site?


  • WordPress installation
  • Joomla installation
  • Installation phpBB

Data bases:

  • How to create a new data base?
  • What data I must use in my script?
  • Introduction to phpMyAdmin


  • As to create a square of you run electónico?
  • How to accede to the WebMail?
  • How to activate or to deactivate the shipment of mail of my account?

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