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How I have to form my domain?

Two ways different exist to point a domain towards cx-hosting, recomedamos we first:

1) To add “Server Yam” (servers of names) of cx-hosting. (RECOMMENDED)

  1. He enters the Control Panel of your domain
  2. Selleciona the domain that you wish to aim and you do click in “change Server Yam” (to change servers of names).
  3. Flock “existing Server Yam” and adds the following:
    Some suppliers of domains demand that next to each “Server Yam” the IP of the same is added, in that case ips are - - - respectively.
  4. It keeps the changes and it closes the Control Panel of your domain.
  5. You will have to hope between 24 and 48 hours so that the changes and your domain propagate it begins to work correctly. Before fulfilled that term the domain could work of intermittent way.

2) To create a “A record” that it aims towards the IP of your servant.

This option is recommended and would not have to be only used by advanced users or who cannot use the previous option. We have a team ready 24/7 to support our managed VPS hosting whenever you need us.

In construction….

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