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Lodging gratuitous Web… Where this the trick?

There is no trick! In cx-hosting really we offered to lodging gratuitous Web.

How it is that possible one?

Simple, in cx-hosting we covered the costs with the service of lodging Web with publicity. It is important to emphasize that we do not put publicity in the sites of our users, but we put it in our own website, Control Panel and pages of error.

But they do not close the numbers to me…

It is truth, to a traditional company of hosting would not close the numbers to him, but we are not a traditional company of hosting, we are specialistic in lodging gratuitous Web and have years of experience in the sector. Down we left to the two main differences between us and one traditional company them of hosting. These two differences are those that allow to offer the service free us:

  1. cx-hosting this designed to lodge websites of small and medium bearing, the sites that consume too many resources will be suspended to avoid that they harm to the other sites lodged in the same servant.
  2. cx-hosting has a department of almost null support, in which it is only taken care of those users whose accounts have been suspended. The being a gratuitous service, we cannot take care of the doubts and consultations of each user, but we are continuously monitoring the service to assure to us that everything works as would have.


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